Year 6

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagles Class

Class Teachers: Miss L Edwards

Doves Class

Class Teachers: Mr A Fagan

Welcome to our Year 6 Classes

My name is Mr. Fagan and I am the teacher of Doves class. As History lead I enjoy teaching any form of the subject thoroughly, I always try my hardest to fit some history into any topic. My favourite subjects are English (I love creative writing) and History (it’s all around us, we just need to look).

My name is Miss Edwards, and I am the teacher of Golden Eagles Class. As English lead, I really focus on the value of reading for pleasure in our school. To highlight this, I always make sure that my class have an exciting book to listen to at the end of the day. In addition to English, I lead Accelerated Reader across our school.

PE Day: Golden Eagles and Doves PE day is Tuesday. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE Kit, which can be found on our Uniform Page.


During Term 6, Year 6 will be going swimming at Cascades, every Tuesday before lunch, from 6th June – 4th July, as a part of the statutory element of the National Curriculum for Physical Education in England.

Swimming Costumes: The children are expected to bring their swimming costumes and a towel (no two-piece swimming costumes are permitted).  Swimming hats and goggles are optional, no jewellery is permitted during swimming lessons.

Travel: The children will be travelling to and from the venue via a hired bus, the children will return before the end of the normal school day.

Cost: There will be no cost to these sessions.

We ensure to follow the national curriculum for the primary curriculum in England for programmes of study and attainment targets for KS2.

We look forward to welcoming you into Golden Eagles and Doves Classes!

Contact us

Year 6 email address:

To ensure that you can communicate with your child’s class teacher, we have created year-group email addresses. This email address is monitored daily Monday-Friday, with an aim to respond within 24 hours. When sending an email please include your child’s name in the subject line.

If you have any urgent information/communication please telephone or email the school office, as the administrative team can pass any urgent messages to the class teacher.


Our timetable can be downloaded below. Here, parents and pupils have the opportunity to view the class schedule to see the day-to-day routine including the range of curriculum that is covered. We have found that children with SEND have responded well to visually seeing the structure of the day ahead.

Year Six Class Timetable
Year Six Class Timetable (Term 6)

Appeals Documents (2023-2024)

Appeals Documents (2023-2024)

Terms/Topic Information

At Holy Trinity C of E Nursery and Primary School, we utilise the Cornerstones scheme of work. Parents will receive a Curriculum Booklet and Knowledge Organiser at the start of each term informing them about what the children will be learning. This will also be available below to download.

More Information about the subjects can be found on our curriculum pages.

TermTopic NameCurriculum BookletKnowledge OrganiserPower of Reading TextKnowledge Organiser (English)

Home Learning

In Year 6, the children are expected to read at home each day, for at least 10 minutes. The school is currently in the process of implementing the Accelerated Reader scheme. More information will be communicated later about this.

Children are expected, alongside their weekly spellings every Friday, to learn the time’s tables shared with them by the class teacher. A times tables test will commence every Friday. Every Friday home learning will be set of Freckle Maths: Online Learning Platform.

Year 6 are expected to read at home daily, this should also be recorded in their reading record book. Which should be shown at school daily.

Revision Resources

Revision helps pupils to retain and confidently recall important information that they’ve learnt in their lessons. Here are some tips to remember when revising:

  • Little and often (once a day) is better than one big push
  • Get enough rest (tired minds don’t work as well)
  • Drink plenty of fluids (thirsty minds do not work as well)
  • Give yourself rewards if you complete your work everyday
  • Ask if you find something you don’t understand

Useful Parent Resources in Year 6

For further useful resources, please visit each curriculum page.

Or click here to view Year 6’s Knowledge and Skills

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