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Holy Trinity Church of England Nursery and Primary School joined as a member of Aletheia Academies Trust in 2019.

Aletheia Trust’s Vision

Aletheia Academies welcomes those of all faiths, and we are proud of the inclusive nature and diversity of each cohort. The Trust is motivated by Christian values to embody the experience of the local community; where all gifts are nurtured, expertise is shared and results are tailored. All with the vision to produce the best outcome for each and every individual.

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Aletheia Trust’s Objectives

Aletheia is committed to sustaining high-quality schools, and supporting schools in need of specific improvement in some of the more challenging wards in Kent. Our focus is to provide school improvement services that draw on the wealth of practice from across our trust, broaden the expertise available to schools through flexible working arrangements and increase our capacity to quickly respond to the needs of individual schools. Pedagogical excellence is at the heart of all we do with a sustained focus on collaborative and mastery learning.

Belonging to a local Trust offers greater opportunities for influence than single schools can achieve: working together the Trust aims to be greater than the sum of its constituent schools. We see the growth of Aletheia as an opportunity for schools, leaders and governors to step forward as co-shapers of a school-led and self-improving system in our area. The trust offers our distinctive ethos, the strength of leadership and commitment to working collaboratively to ensure all our schools are outstanding.

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Why Holy Trinity Joined Aletheia Academies Trust

In the autumn of 2020, the forward-thinking leaders of the school’s governing body and local clergy made the important decision to join the ethically motivated Aletheia Multi-Academy Trust. Being part of Aletheia facilitates a symbiosis of professional discourse and opportunity which benefits pupils and staff alike: children gain by bringing them into contact with peers they may not otherwise meet from across Medway, Dartford, Northfleet and Gravesham by participating in performances and competitions. The social and emotional skills developed through involvement in such events afford long-term dividends.

Holy Trinity chose an established Trust, whose vision and values aligned with ours, which has proven to be both a rewarding and positive experience for our school community: providing the best education and experiences possible for all.

Staff within the Trust have frequent opportunities to collaborate and develop professionally with others within the Aletheia Family, including an expert team of School Improvement Officers. Leaders at all levels are members of ‘Best Practice’ Teams and groups who meet throughout the year to discuss pedagogy, priorities and plan events. Our Early Career Teachers have the opportunity to spend time in other schools within the Trust which is hugely beneficial along with a raft of high-quality Professional Development activities throughout the year for staff and governors alike.

We look forward to continuing our collaborative working relationships within the Aletheia Trust family as it continues to grow and serve our local communities.

Trust Contact Information

Company Number: 07801612

Address: Saint George’s CofE School,

Meadow Road, Gravesend, DA11 7LS


Telephone: 01474 533 082



The following documents can be found on the Trust Website;

Scheme of Delegation
Members and Trustees