Our Classes


Our Class Pages

Each year has its own page which will be updated regularly to show and share the work they are doing whilst also giving important information about their learning, accompanied by helpful documents. It contains details of the curriculum for each term.

We take every opportunity to encourage children to learn about and respect the natural world and environment.  One of the ways we achieve this is by identifying each of our classes by a species of bird.  During the course of the year, the children learn the characteristics which make the birds special, something of their habits, habitats and hunting skills.  Some children may be inspired to become young ornithologists.

During their time with us, we give our pupils the ‘feathers to fly’ so that when they leave us, they will spread their wings and take flight, leaving Holy Trinity as confident, happy, engaging, compassionate, outward-looking, globally aware children fully prepared for the next phase of their education.

Goldcrests and Wagtails

Sparrows and Merlins

Kingfishers and Nightingales

Falcons and Swifts

Kestrels and Skylarks

Barn Owls and Puffins

Golden Eagles and Doves

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