Pupil Leadership

We introduce pupil leadership roles as we want our school to be the kind of school that everyone enjoys coming to, where everyone knows and understands each other. We want it to be a cheerful place, where we look after everyone.

School Prefects

Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance at all times and provide a positive role model for other pupils. They are appointed each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the School.

Stefano • Head Pupil

Holly • Head Pupil

Ellsie • Deputy Head Pupil

Sam • Deputy Head Pupil

Gracie • Assistant Head Prefect

All Prefects will:

  • Encourage the Christian values of Love, Honesty and Respect.
  • Lead by example.
  • Wear the school uniform correctly and with pride.
  • Work collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team to promote good behaviour, manners, politeness.
  • Assist the Senior Leadership Team in helping the school run effectively.
  • Act as additional pairs of eyes at break times and lunchtimes and to report to staff serious misbehaviour.
  • Patrol the school corridors and playgrounds at break times and lunchtimes in order to assist in preventing any lack of respect for persons and property.
  • Help provide a happy and safe environment in which all members of the school community feel valued.
  • Carry out other tasks and jobs as may be directed from time to time by staff.

Oliver • Worship Prefect

Gracie • Outreach Prefect

Callum • Events Prefect

Hollie • Sports Prefect

Isabella • Charity Prefect

Caitlyn • Environment Prefect

Leading Lights and Worships Technicians

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 are offered a variety of positions of responsibility within the school. Our Leading Lights and Worship Technicians are part of our pupil leadership group.

Leading Lights and Worship Technicians are role models for expected behaviour and show diligence and enthusiasm towards all aspects of school life, striving to do their best at all times.

Leading Lights open and close our whole school worship, greeting the whole school community and introducing the worship leader. They read the daily Bible reading and lead the school in prayer.

Worship Technicians operate our presentations for whole school worship, ensuring that worship songs are ready and played on time and that the presentations run smoothly for the worship leader.

School Council

We believe in the importance of all children having a voice and expressing their thoughts and opinions respectfully and freely. We are proud to have School Council representatives who ensure that all views of children in their classes are heard.

School Council representatives meet on a regular basis with the Head Teacher and other key staff. During these meetings, representatives discuss and debate ideas and suggestions put forward by their peers and or teachers. The outcomes are agreed and this is fed back to their classmates.

There are many great changes, which have taken place all thanks to our School Council!

All the children at Holy Trinity know that this is their school and their thoughts and opinions ALWAYS matter!

House Captains

As part of the additional leadership responsibilities  House Captains and Vice House Captains are elected.

Each year four Year 6 pupils serve as House Captains and four Year 2 pupils serve as Vice House Captains represented by Year 2 children.

The houses are:








Minnis Bay

House captains are required to fill in an application form and give reasons as to why they feel they would be the best candidate to carry out the role and how they can support school events. The applicants are then democratically chosen by the children in their class.

House captains represent their named house by collecting house points, which are given to children for their excellent behaviour and learning during the week. The house and vice-captains will collect house points from each class every Thursday and will announce the winning house during Friday’s worship.

The winning house at the end of the academic year is rewarded with special prizes and privileges.

Trust Student Voice

At Aletheia Academies Trust, we all understand the importance of getting all pupils involved in the direction of the schools and how students can be an instrument to affect positive change in our school communities. Bi-monthly a number of school councils from each school get together to discuss what individual schools have done recently, to plan what they want to achieve in Student Voice for next year and ways to ensure the group is feeding into the Trust to have an impact on the overall development.