Year 3 – Welcome to Term 1!

Year 3 – Welcome to Term 1!

Welcome to Year 3. We hope that your children have settled well into their new class and are enjoying their learning

A fun term of learning:

Our Cornerstones topics this term are: One Planet, Our World which is a geography based topic and Contrast and Compliment which is an art based topic. Children will develop map reading techniques, find out about geographical features and land use in the UK. We will look at colour theory and how to mix secondary colours, tertiary colour, complementary colours, analogous colours, warm colours and cool colours.


In English, Year 3 will be exploring the text Grendel: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate by David Lucas. The book is about a monster who loves chocolate more than anything else in the world. He is granted three wishes but as everyone knows, you need to be careful what you wish for.


We are lucky to have sports coaching from Charlie, Spanish teaching from a native speaker, RE from Cribs and dance from Miss Cerys. This enables your children to have high level specialist teaching.

For information of the rest on this and the rest of Term 1’s curriculum please see the curriculum booklet and knowledge organisers.

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