Year 6 Term 1 – Welcome Back!

Year 6 Term 1 – Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! We are excited to start our new Topic of ‘Our Changing World’ for geography and ‘The Circulatory system’ for science. These topics will allow our new students to discover the importance of maps and how we can make our own, making sure to remember to follow directions (we don’t want to get lost)! Not only this but we are looking at blood and our bodies regulatory systems, what make us, us and how we can keep in tip top shape!

So far this term, we have investigated how to make blood in science (well a facsimile of it), using things you would find in your home!





Do you know why this vessel was significant?

If you didn’t know then you’ll be learning a lot this term! We are looking into the Windrush generation in English due to our new book we are studying called “The Windrush Child” by John Agard.

We are looking intently at our writing composition in the poem written by Agard as well as the significance of the illustrations created by Sophie Bass.


Did you know?

That the youngest person to travel on the Windrush was a boy called Vince Reid, who was 13 Years Old.

If you want to find out more, follow the link below:




We as a Year 6 team welcome you to a fantastic year of learning ahead,

Year 6 team

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