Term 5 Review – Reception

Term 5 Review – Reception

As term five draws to a close, we wanted to take some time to share our amazing learning over the past 6 weeks. This term saw us celebrate many historic and exciting holidays including Eid, St Georges Day, Cinco De Mayo, and The Kings Coronation.


In our English sessions, we have looked at many books. One of our favourites, was ‘The Giant Turnip’. We decide to help the old man, in the story, by writing and testing a recipe for turnip soup. This way we could use up all the turnip, so none went to waste. Firstly we walked to the local shop to collect all of our ingredients.



Next, we took to the kitchens to whip up a delicious bowl of turnip soup. We had to wash and chop the vegetables, carefully! Then we boiled the ingredients together and fried the onions separately. We then used a very noisy blender to blitz the ingredients into a smooth soup.


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