Year 6 Residential Day 2

four year 6 pupils rowing in canoes

Year 6 Residential Day 2

Another beautiful day at PGL and everyone eagerly looking forward fun-packed day including archery, messing about on the lake in canoes and hanging loose on the zip wire.


four year 6 pupils rowing in canoes

pupil watching another pupil zipping down a zip wire

Even though some of us decided to have a bit of a lie in, we just about managed to arrive on time for our delicious breakfast which included bacon, toast, beans and as well as a choice of porridge or many different cereals.

Last night’s room inspection revealed rather a lot of wet socks!  After hanging out any wet items to dry in the hot sun, we headed out to start a new day of adventures.

Some groups spent the morning having fun on the lake, paddling their canoes in pairs completing different challenges like collecting rubber ducks.  Most stayed dry, but some decided to capsize for a cool down as the day warmed up.


group of pupils paddling their canoes

Those brave enough to reach the highs slid down the zip-wire learnt how to walk in the air however some skied like Eddie the Eagle Edwards!  For others, the climbing wall beckoned and spectacular views before descending like Spider-Man!

A delicious roast dinner or pasta salad allowed us to recharge our batteries ready for a busy afternoon.

Most ventured into the secret walled garden to learn how to shoot arrows like Robin Hood (Some hit the golden disc but no apples were shot off heads!) Whilst a few attempted the sensory trail where the children had to effectively communicate to navigate whilst blindfolded.


boy shoots a bow and arrow while two other boys watch him

girl shoots bow and arrow while boy watches her


blindfolded children doing team building exercise

blindfolded children doing team building exercise

During the evening we sat around the campfire, singing songs and participating in fun games with our amazing leaders, Katie and Jordan.  Sadly, we were reminded that our time was nearly over when packing and tidying tent arrangements were mentioned.

children and PGL Leaders playing games

Year 6 children and teachers playing team building games


We’re looking forward to our final night before making the most of our last morning at PGL.


Throughout the day some children have captured their thoughts about their time here.

Leila – Today has been full of engaging activities. My favourite was archery. It was great fun aiming for the target and trying to make an archery pizza! The food has been full of flavour and the seasoned fries are delicious! Being in a tent and spending time with friends has been great!

Ella – I’ve really enjoyed canoeing and zip wires today – I haven’t experienced either of these before and I’d love to canoe again. Spending time with my friends has been a great experience and something nice to do before we all go off to secondary school.

Harold – The sensory trail has been great fun as we had to rely on others to know what to do. We had obstacles to avoid and had to use senses other than sight. I learnt new skills whilst canoeing, and we played fun games in the water.

Sharing a tent with friends has been great fun – luckily we haven’t been in our tents during the day whilst it has been really hot!

Nathan – I’ve really enjoyed the challenge course – I overcame one of my fears (heights) by climbing the net. Canoeing today was great fun – I enjoyed paddling, and it was nice and cool on the water.

Racing on the buggy was exciting – it really tested if our knots were good enough! The showers are great and it’s refreshing to have a nice shower at the end of the day.

Yuvraj – The climbing activity my group enjoyed today was great – we had to race to the top to get some cheese! I made it to the top first in my pair. There was some time today for a little free time and I enjoyed a little table tennis. 

There are lots of flies but that hasn’t stopped me enjoying having time with my friends and I’ve overcome some of my fears – I don’t really like heights but I did well today. Canoeing with a friend was also a great experience. Sitting with my friend Yunis in the dining room has been fun and I’ve really enjoyed  the pasta that PGL do.

Vanessa E – I woke up to the beautiful sun which started my day really well. I woke my tent friends and we got ready for the day ahead.

My favourite activity today was zip line because you needed lots of courage as it was really high. Archery was great fun – did I mention that I got a bullseye twice? The was more than what the staff managed to get – I’m very proud of that. The food is out of this world – it is so tasty! I can’t wait for the next mealtime.


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