Year 6 Residential Day 1

Year 6 Residential Day 1

What a glorious start to our weekend away!

Year 6 residential group photo with teachers in the foreground


After a long five hour journey we arrived at the centre just before 5 p.m. on Friday and were welcomed by our PGL group leaders Katie and Jordan.

After unloading the coach, we were taken on a site tour, shown the emergency assembly point and taken into the all important canteen! This is where we fuel our bodies for a jam-packed PGL weekend and we couldn’t wait to experience the wonderful array of food on offer. Friday’s menu was burgers, Mac & Cheese and a full salad cart washed down with a homemade crumble and custard.

Jordan and Katie suggested a visit to the beach for our first evening.

Some of us discussed paddling whilst we made our way there but we all ended up being waist deep in the swash of the sea and had an enjoyable time. Mr Dockrell joked that this was our shower for the day.


three Year 6 boys standing on the beach Six Year 6 pupils in the water, at the beach


On our walk back to our tents we were treated to the most spectacular sunset over Bawdsey.


Sunset over Bawdsey


Bedtime…. or the lack of for some….

The staff eventually got to bed at 1:30 a.m. after numerous calls to remove spiders, cut down stinging nettles (don’t ask!), strange noises, adjust tent lights and re-position beds. We slept peacefully until 6 a.m. when we started to rise for breakfast.

We were fuelled for the day on cereal, toast, sausages, beans and the crispiest of hash browns before setting off for Saturday’s adventures.

We rotated throughout the day between; giant swing, raft building, challenge course and buggy building. There were lots of opportunities to work as a team, communicate clearly, learn different knots and overcome fears. Another day experiencing getting very wet whilst on the rafting lake – perfect weather to be doing so!




Our lunch today was chilli or jacket, tuna and salad, and we all fuelled up before an energetic afternoon.




At the end of the day we showered (some of us weren’t too keen on being covered in pond weed) and prepared for our evening meal of chicken chunks, lasagne and a colourful salad cart to accompany.

To help burn off our last remaining ounces of energy we had a giant game of Cluedo with the PGL staff before returning to our tents.

We can’t wait to share our day adventures with you.

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