Holy Trinity will develop your child’s capacity to express themselves creatively, verbally and in writing. We use many methods within our lessons to achieve this, Oracy, Every Picture Tells A Story (EPTAS), Phonics, ambitious vocabulary and targeted questioning. Every Picture Tells A Story is an approach which develops pupils' ability to infer and deduce. Ultimately, the capacity to develop these skills impact on the children’s creative writing ability.

We teach using the principles of Barack Rosenshine within all lessons and across the whole school. All lessons begin with the essential first step of Rosenshine, to Review, this allows the child to successfully re-address the learning that has already occurred and to understand its application to current and new learning. There is also a focus on small step learning (Rosenshine step 2) which creates a level of familiarity with the work, from a child’s perspective; and gives the time for misconceptions to be addressed. The incorporation of these principals makes English teaching and learning successful. Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction pave a structured pathway through writing  as it allows the learner to understand their starting point, the journey they are going on with writing and to produce outstanding work as their final piece.

Every Picture Tells A Story

Learning starts with a picture. A stimulus picture sparks interest and curiosity, the more creative the better. The idea is that the picture will illicit an emotive response from the pupils, challenging their thoughts, asking them questions and giving them the opportunity to ask / wonder/ predict what, where, who, why, and when. This can be done through many means: 


Targeted questioning enables children to form cohesive responses to the work they’ve been given. Using the previous explorations of the work and using recall questions begins to build confidence and familiarity to shape answers. Using Bloom's Taxonomy aids in the creation of targeted questions and high ordered thinking skills that can be used to focus and enhance the work by building ambitious responses. The use of ambitious sentence openers is important in both verbal and written responses as, again, this creates a sense of ambition in writing that is both creative and at greater depth. 


We pride ourselves on the excellent standard that is produced in Literacy, we encourage the children to explore their personalities as writers, thinkers and readers.

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