Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. P. Gough

Head Teacher

Executive Safeguarding Lead

Mr. M. Dockrell

Deputy Head Teacher

Deputy DSL

RE and SIAMs Lead

Assessment Lead

ECT Induction Tutor and Senior Mentor

Miss. L. Edwards

Assistant Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning

Designated Safeguarding Lead & English Lead

Miss. J. Coulam

Assitant Head Teacher - Curriculum

Deputy DSL

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead

Extended Leadership Team

Mr. J. Atkinson Mathematics and STEM Lead
Mrs. R Galea-Baker

Interim SENDCo (part time)

Mr. S. Smit PE and School Sport Lead
Miss. A. Mackenzie Early Reading Lead / Maternity Leave (2022-2023)

Teaching Staff

Miss. I. Hamilton Robins Teacher (Nursery) / Collective Worship Lead & PSHE/RSE L
Ms. K Turner Wagtails Teacher (Receptions) / Geography Lead

Miss. J. Coulam 

Goldcrests Teacher (Reception)

Mrs. V. Kalapi Merlins Teacher (Year 1) / Early Reading Lead (Maternity Cover)
Miss. S. Meade Sparrows Teachers (Year 1) / Pupil Premium Lead
Miss. A. Costen Kingfishers Teacher (Year 2) / Computing Lead
Mrs. S. Hoyte Nightingales Teachers (Year 2) / Art and Design Technology Lead
Mr. S. Smit Swifts Teacher (Year 3) / PE and School Sport Lead

Mrs. A. Dhingra

Ms. C. Lockey

Falcons Teachers

Mrs. G. Kooner Kestrels Teacher (Year 4)

Mrs. N Mudassar

Mrs. J Wanmer

Skylarks Teacher (Year 4) Mon. - Wed. - Design Technology Lead

Skylarks Teacher (Year 4) Wed. - Fri. - Music Lead

Miss. G. Wood Puffins Teacher (Year 5) / Science Lead

Miss. L. Edwards

Barn Owls Teachers (Year 5) 

Mr. J. Atkinson Bullfinches Teacher (Year 6) / Mathematics and STEM Lead
Mr. A. Fagan Doves Teachers (Year 6) / History Lead

Teaching Assistants / Learning Support

Mrs. S. Rowe HLTA
Mrs. K. Laws HLTA
Mrs. S Florea HLTA/EAL Associate Teacher
Mrs. L. Watts Deputy SENDCo
Miss. M. Biyani Robins (Nursery)
Mrs. F. Murphy Robins (Nursery)
Mrs. N. Sodhi Robins (Nursery) / EAL Associate Teacher
Mrs. R. Allaway Goldcrests (Reception)
Mrs. M. Nikolajeva Wagtails (Reception)
Mrs. L. Haggar Sparrows (Year 1)
Mrs. B. Judge Merlins (Year 1)
Mrs. H. Ganja Kingfishers (Year 2)
Mrs. S. O'Brien Nightingales (Year 2)
Mrs. Y. Haque Year 1
Mrs. J. Stevens Falcons (Year 3)
Mrs. E. Iferi Swifts (Year 3)
Mrs. A. Rushen Year 4
Mrs. S. Hinks Year 5
Mrs. L. Walia Doves (Year 6)
Mr. J. Pardesi Bullfinches (Year 6)
Mr. T. Medley Learning Support Assistant (Year 1)
Miss. Y. Oshikoya Learning Support Assistant (Year 3)
Mrs. J. Ganja Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. B. Finch Learning Support Assistant (Year 5)
Mrs. B. Apps Learning Support Assistant
Miss. D. Golding Learning Support Assistant (Year 5)
Reggie Therapy Dog

Support Staff

Mrs. C. Cooksley Administrative Manager
Miss. K. Durkin Administrative Assistant
Mrs. M. Kaur Administrative / Finance Assistant
Miss. F. Milton SEND Support & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs. C. Oxley Finance Assistant
Mrs. S. Sooknanan Pupil and Family Support Worker
Mr. C. Gunn Site Manager
Mrs. T. Finch Premises Support / Clearning Supervisor
Mr. A. Bailey Apprentice Premises Support
Mrs. S. Coulam Breakfast Club and Science Technician
Mrs. M. Hayer Cleaner
Mrs. P. Kaur Cleaner
Mrs. D. Rai Cleaner



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