What happens if...

...we add ordinary solids to water?

We have been investigating what happens if we add ordinary household solids to water.

We chose our solids: sugar, salt, coffee, tea, flour and sand.

We made sure all or our cups and spoons were the same size. We made sure we had the same amount of water in each cup and that we added the same amount of solid.

We even made sure we stirred our mixture the same amount of times.

 We must be careful not to spill any. What will happen to the salt in this cup?

   Do coffee and tea react in the same way?

 Careful with the flour, don't spill any!

 What's happening to the flour?

We observed what had happened in each cup and recorded our observations in a chart.

 Not all of our solids dissolved in the water.

We wonder if you will try to dissolve some solids at home too. Ask a grown-up before you try!

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