We are palaeontologists!

This term in Robins class we have had so much fun learning all about Dangerous Dinosaurs. We have put on our palaeontologist hats and have immersed ourselves in a prehistoric world form a long time ago.

To begin our learning, we were shocked to find a hatched dinosaur egg in the centre of our classroom. We found green slime, brown footprints and green feathers surrounding it. Next to the egg was a letter from Paul the Palaeontologist. He was extremely excited about our discovery and wanted to help us to investigate. He sent us three cards to help us predict what dinosaur might have hatched out of the egg. Using our information from Paul the Palaeontologist we predicted that it was a diplodocus. But as with all predictions we needed to investigate to see if our prediction was correct. 




What dinosaur do you think hatched out of our egg?

After our investigations were complete, we rolled up our sleeves and enjoyed exploring the dinosaur slime that we had found inside the dinosaur egg. It felt wet and slimy on our hands. We used our senses to help us to describe what it looked like and felt like to our friends and teachers. We got very messy but had lots of fun!

When we thought our work was done, another letter arrived from Paul the Palaeontologist but this time he needed our help! One of his dinosaurs (Toby the T-Rex) had escaped and ran away. He ran so fast Paul just couldn’t catch him. After reading Paul’s letter we discovered footprints all around our classroom and wondered if they could be Toby’s. To know for certain, we would need to use our knowledge of length to measure each of the footprints. If they were Toby’s they would be exactly 5 cubes in length. We counted each cube with 1:1 correspondence to help us to make sure our counting was accurate. We showed amazing teamwork to measure all of the footprints and to our surprise we found Toby’s! We had to tell Paul straight away.

As a palaeontologist we are always looking to research and learn more facts about dinosaurs. After reading the book ‘Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs’ we were inspired to use more non-fiction texts to learn even more facts. We began by learning about what dinosaurs eat. We discovered that different dinosaurs have different diets, just like us.  Some dinosaurs are herbivores (this means that they eat plants) and other dinosaurs are carnivores (this means that they eat meat). We used our knowledge to help feed two very hungry dinosaurs.  Can you spot which dinosaur is a herbivore and which dinosaur is a carnivore?

After that, we practised our comprehension skills by listening to a sentence read by our teachers. We thought carefully to match the sentence to the correct dinosaur. Take a look at our very own fact book!

This term we have used dinosaurs to inspire our learning across all areas of our curriculum. We have used silhouettes of prehistoric animals to create our very own cave paintings. Can you recognise the animals on our caves?

In our maths learning we have been working hard to practice our subitising skills. We have played lots of number track games together to help us to recognise how many dots we can see on the dice without having to count them.

Through our play we have also been working hard to match a numeral to its amount.

Some of our friends have even challenged themselves to make their own number sentences using our dinosaur maths manipulatives.  

In our literacy learning we have been learning to order and write the letters in our name. We are extremely proud with the progress we are making and are so proud of ourselves when we can do it independently.

We have been continuing to sing songs together and build our repertoire of Nursery rhymes. We have enjoyed joining in with the actions and using objects to help us to remember the words.

To end our term, we have enjoyed celebrating Easter together. We have learnt how to use a knife to spread a topping of our choice onto a pancake and have followed instructions to make our very own Easter nest cakes.

I hope that you have an Easter break that is filled with lots of play and time with family and friends. I look forward to welcoming both you and your children back in April for another fun filled term in Robins.

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