Darwin's Delights and archery

During Term 5, the children worked hard to complete their SATS, and then took part in an archery workshop on the school site.  They then explored the Cornerstones' topic of Darwin's Delights. 


As part of their Outdoor and Adventurous Activity, Year 6 participated in a one-hour archery workshop. Despite changing weather conditions throughout the day, the children impressed staff with their effort and accuracy!






               In the last week of Term 5, Year 6 focused on the Cornerstones' topic of Darwin’s Delights.

The Science Dome visited our school and educated the children on the different types of rocks and how they were formed.


      The children also explored Darwin’s theories including an experiment that investigated how finches in the Galápagos Islands have adapted their beaks to the suit the conditions they eat in. The children used different equipment to resemble the different beaks including tweezers, chopsticks, and pegs.


     The children also explored dog breeding and how animals could inherit features from their parents. They also discussed whether they thought that this was an ethically correct thing to do.

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