Term 4 - Dinosaur Adventures

What a term it has been! This term we have had so much fun exploring and learning around our topic which has been ‘Dinosaurs’. Take a look below at what we have been getting up to during Term 4.


We have looked at lots of different topics in our Maths this term. Starting off we looked at numbers to 10. We practised ordering the numbers and then looked at how we can separate them into two parts before adding them together to make a whole.

Using our numbers to ten we started to learn about measuring. First we were tasked to measure the length of some dinosaur footprints that had appeared in our classrooms. We were trying to find Dexter the Diplidocus’s footprint that was exactly 10 cubes long.  Once we had found it, Peter the palenotologist wrote to us and said he was going to deliver our prize! But there was an issue, the gate was too small to drive his truck into. That’s when we started exploring width. We meaasured out a new gate that would be wide enough to drive a truck through.

We rounded off our first look at measurement by discussing and comparing our heights. We measured everyone who is in our classes and marked it on the height chart. Though the remainder of the term we are very much looking forward to seeing how much we grow!


We have been working extremely hard in our Phonics sessions. We have been practising reading every day and have been learning how to chunk longer words so that we can read them. Also, we have been continuing to learn those pesky tricky words. We will not let them trick us!


Independent Leaning Time

Independent learning time is a very important part of our day. It is where we get to put into practise all the things we learn throughout the day. It also gives us a chance to practise things such as climbing, making friends and communicating. We also get to explore our topic life digging for fossils like a palaeontologist or creating ferocious dinosaur masks.



Lots of special events have happened through this term. One of them was when we were visited by Mama G who is performing in the local pantomime. Mamma G came in and used our teachers to perform a special play for us. Miss Ganja got a leading part and was an amazing actress. Mama G then visited our classrooms and asked us to help create a poster to advertise her new play.



We also really enjoyed celebrating and raising money for red nose day. Some of us went over to the school kitchen to help Mrs Mudassar and Mrs Sooknanan make cakes for the Red Nose Day bake sale. When it came to the bake sale we all enjoyed a cake, biscuit or brownie whilst raising money for a great cause.

This last week has been super busy! With Easer craft, church service and wrapping up all our learning for Term 4. We want to send a special thank you to the year 6 team who spent time creating a wonderful Easter Egg hunt for us all to enjoy!



Lastly we want to say a massive thank you to our parents who continue to support our learning every day and to our wonderful Teaching assistants Mrs Nikolajeva, Mrs Allaway, Miss Ganja and Mr Hanscombe who help us and our teachers every day. They never complain about the ridiculous ideas Miss Coulam and Ms Tuner come up with. 

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and we will see you back on the 18th April to start Term 5. 



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