British Values

At Holy Trinity Primary School we actively promote British Values in order to prepare all children to be responsible and respectful members of the community.

We uphold the Fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and a tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs, through our Christian values of Love, Honesty and Respect.

Our pupils are taught the importance of perseverance, respect and the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.  Our pupils leave Holy Trinity with a strong sense of self and love for the world in which they live.

Pupils have the opportunity to share their views, opinions and suggestions through our School Council. The elections for School Council representatives are based solely on pupil votes. Pupils contribute to school evaluation and development through regular discussions in class and worship.


All members of our school community, including pupils, staff, governors, and parents have the opportunity to play a role in making decisions in our school. This is done through pupil interviews, parent/staff/pupil questionnaires, governors, leadership and management meetings and staff meetings and school council meetings.

Throughout school, we show the value of democracy by:

  • having a school council elected by the children for each class;
  • equal opportunities for Year 6 pupils to apply to become school prefects;
  • Prefects who champion particular causes e.g. cross school sporting events, fundraising, environment actions to name a few - (see our Prefects page in Personal Development for more detail)
  • studying the development of sovereignty and government in Britain over time
  • raising awareness of current affairs with the children at an age-appropriate level
  • pupils having the opportunity to select charities we raise money for both at school level but also at Trust level too.  

Fundamental British Values are interwoven into our PSHE Curriculum, taught through 6 themes across the school year from Nursery to Year 6. 


The Rule of Law

At the beginning of each academic year and from the start of the Reception year, all pupils jointly negotiate class rules and are taught the importance of following them.  

Pupils develop an understanding of their responsibilities and consequences experienced when rules and laws are broken.  Class discussions as well selected Worship times reinforce the concepts of fair play and equity.   The school's behaviour policy also supports the adherence to rules and expectations of exemplary behaviour.  


Individual Liberty

Children are encouraged to have high aspirations, to make choices and to participate fully in the ranges of educational opportunities on offer. 

Pupils are regularly taught strategies to keep themselves safe, and they develop an understanding that their individual choices and liberties can positively influence their own and others' lives.


Mutual Respect

At Holy Trinity we continuously stress the importance of respect for all members of our community.  This includes individuals who are different in age, needs, beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and culture.

We celebrate, recognise and reward these differences and achievements in lessons and at our termly Celebration Assemblies. 



At our multicultural school, pupils learn about and celebrate different cultures and faiths.  We develop children’s ability to demonstrate initiative and foster an understanding of how their individual contributions can positively impact our wider community.  Consequently, pupils confidently take risks and face challenges with optimism.

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