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Holy Trinity CE Primary School is committed to providing excellent learning opportunities for all pupils and staff in a nurturing yet challenging environment, underpinned by the Christian values of love, honesty and respect.

The curriculum at Holy Trinity CE Primary School is academically robust, socially inclusive, spiritually balanced and holistically driven.  We employ research-based pedagogies in content delivery and our pupils actively charter our learning journeys.

Fully committed to the principles of mastery teaching in all subjects, Holy Trinity CE Primary School has formed strategic alliances with outstanding schools in Kent and Newham, London to support in this journey.

Music, public speaking, art, drama, dance and sport are integral components of our broad curriculum and are delivered by specialist teachers, thus providing our pupils with genuine experiences to excel.

We are a culturally diverse community and the British values of mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs are harmoniously lived out daily.

Through this website we aim to capture our commitment to excellence, our harmony in diversity and our happy pupils.

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