Cultural Development



What is the cultural offer at Holy Trinity CE Primary School?  


The ‘Cultural Offer’ ensures a balance of cultural learning experiences over the years a child attends our school. By the time a child leaves our school every child will have had the opportunity to participate in a minimum of fourteen ’cultural’ experiences, in addition to other curriculum related visits. 

I believe that all children can and should benefit from receiving a wide-ranging, adventurous and creative Cultural Education. For many young people, Cultural activities form a vital part of their everyday lives. These activities are academically, physically and socially enriching, whether they take place in school or out-of-school.

(Darren Henley, 2012)

At Holy Trinity, we believe that by the age of seven years old, children should have:


  • Regularly taken part in different cultural activities, such as reading books and story-telling, arts and crafts, making short animations, singing, music-making and dance.  
  • They should also have been given the opportunity to visit age appropriate events and venues, such as a theatre, cinema, concert
  • Been on visits at each Key Stage to cultural institutions and venues, which might include a museum, a theatre, a gallery, a heritage site and a cinema.  
  • Become a regular user of a library. 
  • Regularly read books for pleasure, rather than only as part of their schoolwork.  
  • Been encouraged to use digital technology as a means of accessing and gaining a deeper understanding of great culture.   
  • Received the support necessary to take an interest or passion further.
  • Been made aware of the other activities and resources available to them in their local area.  
  • Been able to join a lunchtime or after school club to continue their interests.

At Holy Trinity, we believe that by the age of eleven years old, children should have:


  • The opportunity to gain knowledge about Cultural Education subjects and also to explore their own creativity. 
  • The chance to create, to design, to devise, to compose and to choreograph their own work in collaboration with their classmates. 
  • The experience of creating work by themselves, such as writing a story, poem or play text.  
  • Presenting, displaying and performing to a range of audiences.  
  • Using arts-specific vocabulary to respond to, evaluate, explain, analyse, question and critique their own and other people’s artistic works.  
  • Learning about the application of the latest technology to help them to access culture.  
  • Been encouraged to be adventurous in their choices about cultural activities, by learning about literature, films, visual arts, crafts, heritage, music and dance that is beyond the scope of their normal everyday engagement.  
  • Learn about the people who have created or are creating art forms in the locality, county of Kent and beyond.  
  • Had the chance to learn a musical instrument. 
  • Regularly taken part in singing. 
  • Taken part in dramatic performances.  
  • Taken part in workshops with professional artists, craftsmen, architects, musicians, archivists, curators, dancers, film-makers, poets, authors or actors.

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