Leadership Team

Mrs. D Gibbs-Naguar Head Teacher
Mr. M Dockrell Deputy Head Teacher - Maths Team
Ms. L Edwards Assistant Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning RE/Collective Worship Curriculum Lead
Ms. J Coulam

Assistant Head Teacher - Curriculum

English Curriculum Lead

Teaching Staff

Ms. I Hamilton Robins Teacher (Nursery)
Ms. K Turner Wagtails Teacher (Reception) Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) Lead
Mrs. N Mudassar & Miss. G Wood Goldcrests Teachers (Reception)
Mrs. V Kalapi Merlins Teacher (Year 1)
Miss. O Oshikoya Trainee Teacher - Merlins (Year 1) 
Ms. S Meade Sparrows Teacher (Year 1)
Ms. K Hazel Kingfishers Teacher (Year 2)

Ms. J Coulam &

Ms. A MacKenzie

Nightingales Teachers (Year 2) -  Assistant Head Teacher 

Early Reading Lead

Mrs. S Rowe Swifts Teacher (Year 3)
Mrs. Hoyte & Mrs. Dhingra Falcons Teachers (Year 3)
Ms. C Reade Kestrels Teacher (Year 4)
Mrs. D Culling Skylarks Teacher (Year 4)
Mr. A Fagan Puffins Teacher (Year 5)

Ms. L Edwards &

Mrs. R Bayliss

Barn Owls Teachers (Year 5) - Assistant Head Teacher 

 Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo)

Mr. J Atkinson Bullfinches Teacher (Year 6) Mathematics Lead
Mr. S Smit  Doves Teachers (Year 6) Enriched Curriculum Lead
Mr. S Murdoch Years 5 & 6 Teacher - Maths Team

Associate Teachers

Mrs. S Hinks Robins (Nursery)
Miss. M Biyani Robins (Nursery)
Ms. C Jessop Robins (Nursery)
Ms. C Giles Goldcrests (Reception)
Mrs. L Haggar Sparrows (Year 1)
Mrs. B Judge Merlins (Year 1)
Mrs. F Murphy Kingfishers (Year 2)
Mrs. M Nikolajeva Nightingales (Year 2)
Mrs. Y Haque Key Stage 1
Mrs. H Ganja Swifts (Year 3)
Mrs. S O'Brien Falcons (Year 3)
Mrs. J Stevens Year 4
Mrs. A Rushen Year 5
Mr. J Pardesi Bullfinches (Year 6)
Mrs. E Iferi Doves (Year 6)
Mrs. L Watts Deputy SENDCo
Mrs. N Sodhi English as an Additional Language Associate Teacher
Mrs. S Florea English as an Additional Language Associate Teacher
Mrs. K Laws Swans (Specialist Resource)
Mr. T Medley Swans (Specialist Resource)
Ms. Y Oshikoya Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. J Ganja Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. B Finch Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. B Apps Learning Support Assistant
Ms. D Golding Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. L Walia Learning Support Assistant
Ms. S Colborne-Lilley Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. S Sooknanan Pupil & Family Support Worker
Reggie Therapy Dog

Administration/Site Staff

Mrs. C Cooksley Administrative Manager
Ms. K Durkin Administrative Assistant
Mrs. M Kaur Administrative/Finance Assistant
Ms. F Milton Administrative Support to SLT/SEND Team
Mrs. C Oxley Finance Assistant
Mr. C Gunn Senior Caretaker
Mrs. T Finch Premises Support/Cleaning Supervisor
Mr. A Bailey Apprentice Premises Support
Mrs. S Coulam Breakfast Club & Science Technician
Mrs. M Hayer Cleaner
Mrs. P Kaur Cleaner
Mrs. D Rai Cleaner

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