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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

School Council

Here at Holy Trinity, we believe it is very important for all children to have a voice and express their thoughts and opinions. We are proud to have School Council representatives who ensure that all the views of children in their classes are heard.

School Council representatives meet on a regular basis with our Head Teacher - Mrs Gibbs-Naguar and Lead Teacher - Miss Khalid. During these meetings, all the representatives come together to discuss and debate ideas and suggestions put forward by their classes or teachers. The outcomes are then discussed further with classes and teachers which are then fed back in meetings.

There are many great changes, which have taken place all thanks to our School Council!

All the children at Holy Trinity know that this is their school and their thoughts and opinions ALWAYS matter!

We are pleased to announce our School Council Representatives for 2019-2020:

Year 1:           Merlins – Tiwi
                       Sparrows – Lilianna
Year 2:           Kingfishers – Zion
                       Nightingales – Holly
Year 3:           Swifts – Micah
                        Falcons – Caleb
Year 4:           Kestrels – Kyra - Liegh
                       Skylarks – Nicolas
Year 5:           Puffins – Anya
                       Barn Owls – Ruby
Year 6:           Bullfinches – Charlie
                       Doves – Louise


Qualities of School Council Members 

Essential Qualities

  1. Excellent listening skills
  2. Willing to respect the views of others
  3. Approachable
  4. Represent your peers confidently and good at explaining things
  5. Able to work co-operatively with others
  6. Make informed decisions
  7. Reliable and willing to give up some of your own time to attend meetings
  8. Enthusiastic and outgoing

Desirable Qualities

  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Enjoy having the opportunity to solve problems
  • Willing to consider what is best for everyone at the school
  • Be prepared not to be popular with everyone
  • Has lots of new ideas
  • Shows initiative
  • The school’s Christian values of love, honesty and respect are well expressed through its caring atmosphere. This impacts positively on the strong sense of belonging and supporting relationships evident across the school.

    SIAMs 2016

  • Teachers inspire pupils to learn.

    Ofsted 2018

  • Teachers model skills effectively across the curriculum and instil a desire to succeed.

    Ofsted 2018

  • There us a culture of aspiration and improvement across the school.

    Ofsted 2018

  • Relationships are strong and pupils’ good behaviour is reflected in a happy and caring atmosphere, with attendance that is well above the national average.

    SIAMs 2016

  • Provision for pupils who speak English as an additional language is strong.

    Ofsted 2018