Mind the DINOSAURS! - Reception Term 4

In the Dangerous Dinosaurs project, your child will find out about prehistoric animals that lived on Earth. They will learn facts about dinosaurs and discover how big some of these giant creatures were. They will learn about the difference between carnivores and herbivores. They will also find out about the animals that lived after the dinosaurs and which modern-day animals have prehistoric relatives.

We have already begun our wonderful learning and have been looking at what palaeontologists do. We have also started to explore dinosaurs and their features such as spikes, scales and teeth. 


In Mathematics, we have begun using our knowledge of measurement to find the length of  dinosaur footprints. The footprints were left behind by a cheeky diplodocus called Dexter, that is on the run from his Palaeontologist. 




We can not wait till the end of the term where we can show off all our learning. Until then, we have cheeky dinosaurs to measure and Paleontologists to write to!

Supporting your child at home

  • Go onto the Natural History Museum website and look at interesting facts about dinosaurs together.
  • Go to the CBeebies Dinosaurs website and explore the games and videos together.
  • Look up interesting dinosaur facts to share with the class.
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