Measuring madness!

Reception have been having a great time learning about measurement. Let's have a look and see how they have been investigating.


We used balance scales to look at the weight of different stones in our environment and used the vocabulary of heavy, light and the same as in our learning. 


We had a mini scavenger hunt and had questions where the children went off to find certain objects to bring back. They found a stone smaller than their hand, a stick longer than their foot and leaf that was bigger than their hand. They worked together with a partner. 


We looked at height and used string to measure how tall we were and compared the height with our friends. We used chalk to mark it on the tree. They used the vocabulary of taller and smaller.


The children took part in an obstacle course where they took turns to go over, under, and through objects on the course. We timed them to see how long they took comparing their time with the next person. 



The lessons in capacity were exciting for the children where they investigated with water showing what full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty were. 



We have also looked at caring for our teeth. We learnt about the bacteria that can form in our teeth and had a fun activity using a toothbrush to get it out of the teeth. The children could discuss how important it is to keep our teeth clean and free from bacteria. 












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