Mathematics day!

On Friday 25th March Reception enjoyed completing many mathematics activities. It was MATHS DAY!

We explored the book 'How Many Legs?' remembering to count our own... first!

Jim Field and Kes Gray

We learnt many new facts about animals and their legs as well as learning new facts about numbers!

The children used their number knowledge to select the correct amount of coloured animals to match the number they chose.

'My number is 4, I have 4 animals.'​​​​​
'The animal has 2 legs, I will choose 2 bears'.

We then explored the different number of legs each animal has and matched this onto a sheet...

'A worm has 0 legs'.

To round up our learning from the day, we created our own clocks in class... keeping an eye on the time!

'Tick Tock... Let's make a clock!'



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