Learning the ukulele

As part of our Terrific Thursdays, Year 6 have been developing their musical skills. With Mr Ball we have been using and applying a range of different skills including timing, hand and eye coordinated, a keen listening ear and developing a passion for music.

How did our favourite musicians become so good?

Through practice of course!

We were lucky enough to have a ukulele each and as we began it was a little tricky to strike the right note. But through practice we were able to play a tune.

Mr Ball was able to play lots of different tunes including some favourite songs, it was very impressive and this inspired us to be resilient and continue to practice.

I wonder if year 6 will be able to perform a little medley of songs on the ukulele soon.

As part of our sessions we also learnt a lot about the instrument itself.

Did you know, although the ukulele is considered a Hawaiian musical instrument, it actually wasn't invented there! It actually comes from Portuguese origins, when Portuguese workers who emigrated to Hawaii brought the famous instrument with them. 



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