Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Team

At Holy Trinity CE Primary School, we strongly believe in the inclusion of all pupils in our care, regardless of their background, ability, language, gender, ethnicity, special needs or disability. We pride ourselves on taking a whole-school, universal approach, underpinned by quality-first teaching strategies, through which every child has a fair and equal opportunity to thrive as part of the Holy Trinity Family. 

Mrs Bayliss - SENDCo


My name is Mrs Bayliss and I am the SENDCo. 

I have been working as the Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo) at Holy Trinity for a number of years. As the SENDCo, I am responsible for overseeing the Special Educational Needs provision at our school. I have an honours degree in Mathematics and a post-graduate certificate in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

I am passionate about enabling all children to reach their full potential in education and ensuring that pupils with additional needs play a key role in all aspects of school life.

I can be contacted at sendco@holytrinity-gravesend.kent.sch.uk 

Individualised pathways of learning guide the ambitious progress and attainment of all groups of pupils, including the most vulnerable. This is achieved through the development of our innovative system for teaching, learning and assessment.

In addition to this whole-school, universal approach, a number of additional staff play a vital role in supporting the inclusion of all pupils at Holy Trinity:

Reggie - Holy Trinity's school therapy dog


My name is Reggie and I am Holy Trinity's school therapy dog.

I am a 1-year-old Miniature Maltese and I love coming to school to see everyone. My mummy (Mrs Watts) has to sneak out of the house without me knowing on the days I can't come to school because I get so sad at the thought of not being able to see you!

My favourite things to do are chasing balls and fetching my squeaky toys when they are thrown for me. I also enjoy lots of cuddles and I love being stroked by all the children at school.

Mrs Watts - SEMH Associate Teacher & Deputy SENDCO


My name is Mrs Watts and I am the SEMH Associate Teacher & Deputy SENDCO.

I love being part of Holy Trinity's SEND Team and I am here to help if you ever feel sad, lonely, angry or afraid. I work with lots of children throughout the school and we have special, designated time together. During that time, we may have a chat, play some games, or complete some work.

I hold a qualification for Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) which has a positive impact on a number of children who participate in these sessions.

Reggie, our school therapy dog, lives with me and I bring him to school on most days. I enjoy reading, spending time with my family and friends, and walking Reggie. I love my job at Holy Trinity and always look forward to coming into school to see everyone!


Miss Ganja - SEND Associate Teacher for Years 2, 3 and 4


My name is Miss Ganja and I am the SEND Associate Teacher for Years 2, 3 and 4.

I joined the Holy Trinity Family in October 2020 and my first year here has been wonderful as I have been working 1:1 with an amazing child. I have also become part of the SEND Team! This has been delightful as I have the opportunity to help even more children progress and develop.

Mrs Laws - SEND Associate Teacher for Years 5 and 6


My name is Mrs Laws and I am the SEND Associate Teacher for Years 5 and 6.

I have worked at Holy Trinity for 7 years and I have spent time in every year group. I am a calm and patient person and I love to help. I like to sing and dance (even though I'm not that good!) and I enjoy spending time outside in the garden with my family.

"The things that make me different are the things that make me, ME"

Piglet (From Winnie the Pooh)


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