Kent Life visit

Last term, we visited the Kent Life museum, taking part in two workshops. These were from grain to loaf and from field to fork. 

Across the day we split Year 5 into two groups and had a day to explore a working farm.

Our first workshop was called from grain to loaf, the goal of it was to make bread from scratch that we took home afterwards. Here are some pictures of the steps:

Step 1: Adding our dried yeast into the flour and water.

Firstly, we need to add the dried yeast to water to wake it up and get it ready to allow our bread to rise.

Step 2: mixing the flour, water and yeast. Then kneading. 

We knead the dough to stretch the gluten out, making our dough elasticised.

Step 3: shaping our bread to rise and go to the ovens!


The second half of our day, from field to fork, consisted of a walk around the farm with a guide; explaining to us how we get a lot of our food, where it comes from and how we could look after our own crops. 

Here are some pictures of what we saw:

It was a fantastic day out, looking at where our food comes from and how we could grow some of our own!

Happy planting!

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