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We've waited a while for our photos to develop here at Holy Trinity, we can finally show off our wonderful Year 5 history trip, travelling from the school to the old Promenade! We learned a lot of our local history along the way!

We began by sauntering down Lover's lane (residing down the side of our school), it has been called this ever since our grounds were host to a military barracks, where the soldier's dearest lovers would yell, "I love you!" over the wall before throwing a gift to their sweethearts.

Around Town you may see these markings on the floor, they depict the outline an archaeological find that is hidden under the ground, this one happens to be a blockhouse used by Henry VIII to defend the Thames from invasion. (See below)

Walking swiftly through town we came to the site of the original Holy Trinity church that stood until it burned down over 100 years ago, it is where we as a school get our name from. After the church burned down, our school was given it's name to keep the spirit ablaze and we were moved temporarily (well we're still there) to the old barracks. 

Remember, as you walk around Gravesend, or any place, that history is all around you. Even the most insignificant detail can have massive ramifications for what happened there in the past. We can especially see this with the Fort Gardens in the Promenade, it has been used over the years for defence of the area. From its old firing slits to the old, decommissioned naval guns. While some may forget the rich history of our town, if we remember, the flame stays alight. 

If you'd like to know more about the history of Gravesend, the home of Holy Trinity, please ask staff around the school (Mr. Fagan and Mrs. Edwards especially). 

We remember history to learn from the past, for we are trapped in history much the same as history is trapped within us.

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  • Glenise Phillips 1 month ago
    Lovely history walk. I am trying to trace a history of Holy Trinity school in 1929.
  • Jacqueline 3 weeks ago
    Happy days at Holy Trinity School where I started my teachers career in 1974.

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