Find that dinosaur - Nursery Term 4

Welcome back to term 4. I hope that you had a restful break, and your child is excited to return to Nursery. This term Robins class will be learning all about Dangerous Dinosaurs! We will be exploring the different types of prehistoric animals that once walked our planet and how they are different to the animals that we see on Earth today. We will be using our bodies to explore how different dinosaurs move, using lots of materials to create our own dinosaur island, practising our subitising skills and conducting our own investigations, just like a palaeontologist.  I wonder what we will discover.

Our learning began this week by finding a dinosaur egg inside our classroom. This sparked our curiosity and inspired us to begin our investigations. We began by making our very own palaeontologist hats.  We displayed our independence by accessing the paint by ourselves.










Next, we began to do some research into dinosaurs. We used our funky fingers to create our own dinosaur skeletons. This will help us to remember the key features of each dinosaur such as if it has spikes, wings or a long next.










After that, we worked as a team to dig for dinosaur bones. We displayed fantastic communication skills to describe each bone we found to our friends and teachers. We used the words longer and shorter to help us to predict which bone will belong to each dinosaur.










Then, we discovered a stegosaurus who was missing its spikes! We displayed our amazing subitising skills to help work out how many spikes we needed to stick onto his back.











Some of our friends have enjoyed dressing up as dinosaurs and used the small world area to create dinosaur adventures of their very own.











We are really excited to discover which dinosaur might hatch out of our egg and are ready to use our palaeontologist logbook to help us predict what dinosaur came out of that egg.


How can I support my child at home:

  • Create a reading cave in your house. Share dinosaur picture books with your child. This term we will be reading: Dear Dinosaur, Dinosaur roar, little kids first big book of dinosaurs and Cave Baby.
  • Play number games using a die. This will support your children to develop their subitising skills (to recognise a number of objects without the need to count them)
  • Sing dinosaur songs with your children.
  • Access the following website:
  • Visit the National History Museum to bring your child’s learning to life.
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