Festive English

We have used a John Lewis advert from 2012 to inspire our writing this week.

We started by watching the advert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IaTVlOvv14

We looked at our focus picture and answered questions about it.

Why is the snowman travelling over the river? What makes this dangerous?

Invent a way for the snowman to traverse the river safely.

We then created similes that we could use in our writing:

Yuvraij said '...as brave as a lion...'

Jude said '...as soft as wool...'

Jessika said '...as cold as ice...'

Rebekah said '...as white as cotton wool...'

Ethan said  '...as tall as a fully grown man...'

We peer assessed our work, looking for similes and expanded noun phrases.

Amrita has used expanded noun phrases.

Callum has used adjectives to describe his nouns.

Ella has used a simile.

Tony has used expanded noun phrases.

How would you describe the snowman?

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