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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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It's good to be back.

We have well and truly settled back into this new academic year.  We kickstarted the term by looking at a picture book - 'Wild'.  Here is a short description of it; 'Wild eyed with wonder, a small girl stares out from the cover of this picture book, the pupils of her eyes wide and luminous. So begins a tale of nature versus nurture.'  We loved sharing the book together and the children were able to develop their inference skills, using the pictures to guess at the character's motivatons and feelings.  It was great fun and proved that picture books are not just for the little ones!  Here are some of the things that the children had to say about the book;

Phoebe - I love the characters, especially the girl, because of her hair and crazy looks, it is not like other books.

Morgan - I didn't like it when the people took her as their own.  I loved it when she broke the bed and escaped back to nature, that's where she belongs.

Kanyo - I really like Wild, even though it was quite a short story.  We did a bit of it every day, getting to know the story slowly.

It was Roald Dahl day on Thursday this week.  We took some time out to mark the occasion by reading some of his fantastic descriptions of sweets, taken from 'The Girafe, the Pelly and Me'.  This inspired us to think up some of our own sweet creation ideas.  We used these to create advertisment posters, we tried to make tour sweets sound as tempting and tantalizing as possible. 

Haardik - It was all really imaginative and creative, we came up with great ideas. 

Harelina - I enjoyed the roaming gallery, it was great to see other sweet creations.

Valentine - I liked thinking about my sweet's special power, I invented one where you could breath under water.  

Elise - It was a good experience for letting your imagination run free. 

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