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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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A Firemen Surprise

Well would you believe it… we had a special visit from the firemen and a fire engine!

What a surprise, we were all amazed!

The fire engine looked exactly like the one we've seen in ‘The Snail and the Whale’ where the firemen come to rescue the Whale!

We greeted the noisy fire engine and four firemen in the car park with a cheer as we waited in the cold!

In the classroom we saw the safety kit and equipment that firefighters are required to wear.  Miss Khalid and Miss Read were nominated to wear the kit – they looked as if they were off to put out a fire! We then had a go at wearing some of the equipment too!

We were told many facts about the special equipment e.g. mask, air bag, helmet etc and were told to remember three special words to put out a fire ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’.

After our amazing talk about the firemen’s roles and duties we then went to explore the fire engine!

We were shown around the fire engine and all of the tools and heavy equipment used in emergencies that are kept in the fire engine – we saw a spreader, key, hoses and ladders to name a few!

We then went to explore inside the fire engine, as it was really high we had to put our feet onto the step which opens by itself and then jumped inside! There were so many items inside the fire engine – there were lots of ropes and pipes.

After our busy and engaging talk about the fire engine and firemen's job, the firemen were off!

We waved goodbye and heard the sirens go off as they left.  We really enjoyed meeting the firemen and exploring inside and outside the fire engine. We learnt many facts and cannot wait to share them with you all!

  • Philippa Fellows 4 years ago
    Wow - What a lovely surprise. Sam was very excited about meeting the firefighters, being in the fire engine and wearing the helmet. What a lovely opportunity. So nice to see all the photos.
  • Miss Read 4 years ago
    What an exciting day it was, Year 1! Seeing your excitement brought a big smile to my face! You asked the firemen some brilliant questions and I'm amazed at all of the facts you have remembered. We are very proud of all of you!

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