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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Gorgeous Goldcrests and Wonderful Wagtails

A warm welcome to Gorgeous Goldcrests and Wonderful Wagtails Reception class page. We have so much fun in our learning, we cannot wait to share it with you all!

Miss Khalid, Mrs Randhawa, Mrs Steadman, Miss Priess and Mrs Wood invite you to share and join in with your child's learning!

Each day we learn more and more which help our brains grow bigger and bigger! We develop key skills which are taught in our teacher led activities. We have then been applying these skills in our child initiated learning time. Our stimulating environment, classrooms, inside and outside enable us to take our learning forward whether it be in the mud kitchen outside, in the investigation area or simply becoming a storyteller in our book garden!


We are so excited to be learning about Minibeasts this term. We have enjoyed exploring the different types of minibeasts in our outdoor classroom whilst also going on a minibeast hunt on the school field! We have explored using our senses through sensory activities and sensory walks. We have been using our creativeness to collage wonderful masterpieces of the life cycle of a butterfly using different shapes of pasta to represent the different stages of the life cycle. We have also used our phonic skills to support us to label each stage of the life cycle too!

What minibeast did we find?
We shared our learning with the nursery children when making a snail hotel! We were all so brave when holding the snails ... we even comforted the teachers! 







  • Kate O'Mara 4 years ago
    It's so lovely seeing these pictures and hearing about class adventures. I especially love the video - so much excitement!
  • Cheryl 4 years ago
    It's great seeing them at work. It makes you feel involved in their learning. I normally get the standard reply of "don't know" when I ask what Oliver has done, so it's lovely seeing it in pictures. Keep up the good work.
  • Gwyn Pereira 4 years ago
    Loved seeing the video and hearing the kids excitement. I watched it with Sam and got him to explain what he was doing and what he and his friends had seen. This conversation was probably the most information I have ever got from him about his school day so was really helpful in enabling me to start other discussions about similar topics with him.

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