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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Strong Messgaes and Play Scripts

We have continued our fashion designing as part of our fashion topic, and have begun looking at play scripts in English.

After previously looking at different types of clothing worn throughout history, this time we looked at how clothing has been used in the past and is still used today to reflect culture, strong messages and self image.

We spoke about the Black Panthers beret and more recently how some celebrities have worn similar outfits to reflect that Black Lives Matter. Additionally we looked at pictures of suffragettes and discussed the colour of the clothes they chose to wear when campaigning and why. We also thought about how more recently clothing has been used to reflect social situations and support of these.

For example, over the past year, clothing with rainbows to reflect the message of hope in the current pandemic situation have been popular and used to raise money for the NHS. As well as culture and strong messages, we also looked at how clothing can help to reflect a self image. with the example of power and outfits worn by people in powerful roles, such as Kings, Queens and the President of the United States of America. After gaining knowledge about how these items of clothing were used, we then designed our own clothing to either reflect culture, a strong message of our choice or self-image.

Take a look at some of our designs:


Karla has created a beautiful t-shirt to reflect a message of hope, whilst Natasha has thought carefully about the colours used in t-shirt to reflect a message of protecting animals.


George and Jotham have also chosen to design clothing to reflect a message of protecting animals. George's design uses the colours of the ocean with a turtle as the centre piece. Jotham has tried to give the message of thinking about how plastic is used, by comparing with and without plastic.


This week we have also begun to look at play scripts in English. We have thought about their features and layout, as well as comparing their similarities and differences to stories. We also looked at theatre performances and thought about what the stage directions etc might be. After this, we used ready made stories for our first attempt of writing play scripts. During the lesson we watched a humorous video of a story about two characters called Snitch and Snatch and had a go together at changing it to a play script. During independent writing, some of us chose to continue changing this story to a play script, whilst others chose to change a Lion King story extract to a play script. Take a look at our first attempts of play script writing:

By Ollie


By Anya                                                                         By Jamie

By Holly

By Natasha.

Well done! These examples show how to include many features and follow the correct layout for their first attempt at play script writing.

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