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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Year 4 Remote Learning

Year 4 have had a fantastic term of remote learning, as historians, scientists, linguists, barristers, newspaper reporters and more! Here's what they've been up to:


In English this week, Year 4 have been playing the role of defence and prosecution lawyers, and witnesses, in the case against Roger the Rat-Boy. They worked hard building their arguments and backing them up with evidence from the story, 'I was a Rat!'. They used persuasive sentence starters to make their statements compelling, and presented them in court to the Judge and the High Court Judge. They did an excellent job, and convinced the Judges that Roger was in fact a boy, not a monstrous rat, and so he could be freed to live with his foster Grandparents. 




This term, the children have been learning to describe their clothes in Spanish, with Mrs Burton, who speaks fluent Spanish. They have learnt the vocabulary for different items of clothing, adjectives to describe them, and how adjectives change in Spanish depending on number and gender, and verbs such as 'have' and 'wear' in order to make full sentences. By the end of term, Year 4 were able to role play a conversation between a shop assistant and customer, and some children even made puppet show videos of the dialogue! ¡Estupendo!






In History, we have been learning all about fashion through the ages. Year 4 have interviewed their parents about how fashion has changed in their lives, made timelines and looked at jewellery in Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Viking times. Their work culminated in creating their own pieces of ancient jewellery, with information cards, and displaying them in a virtual museum which can be viewed HERE.




In science this term, Year 4 have been exploring states of matter, learning about the water cycle and the processes of evaporation, condensation, melting and freezing. They took advantage of the snow this week and did an experiment on the rate at which snow melts, and the difference between the volume of snow, and the volume of water once it had melted. 



Year 4 have worked incredibly hard this term and completed some excellent learning! 

Well done Year 4!

  • Philippa Fellows 8 months ago
    I’m amazed at what they have achieved this term. What fabulous efforts. A big thank you to Mrs Worrell and Mrs Burton for all their hard work, as well as all the other staff too. And of course Mrs Stevens back in the classroom. Thank you so much.

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