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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Terrific T-shirts and Longing Letters!

During Topic last week, the children were asked to re-style an old t-shirt. Before they began, we looked at different ways we could improve and adapt our shirts such as adding motifs of rhinestones, buttons or beads, including pockets made from different colour fabrics with caricatures and cutting and altering the size and shape of the t-shirt to make it unique. Here is an example of a t-shirt. 


Continuing on with our journey of Roger, Bob and Joan in the story of "I was a Rat", Roger goes with the Philosopher Royal to the palace as the Philosopher wants to investigate Roger further. One of his strategies is to introduce his cat to Roger. Of course, this scares Roger (as he was a rat!) and Roger runs away. Bob and Joan are devastated! We asked the children to write a letter in the role of Joan to her sister explaining what had happened with Roger. 

Dear Liz,

I hope you are ok, a lot has gone on since I last wrote to you. Late one night I was cooking dinner when there was a hammering on the front door, well to my shock, I was surprised to find a little boy, soaking wet standing om the door step.He was a bit odd, kept saying he was a rat!

Me and Bob couldn't help but feel sorry for him, so we took him in for the night and fed him.We tried to find out more about him, but didn't get anywhere.We sent to school but he got into big trouble.

Then guess what!  A royal Philosopher wanted to take him to the Palace to ask him some questions, god knows what happened because he boy ran off!

Liz, we can’t find him anywhere, we are so worried, we know he was working at the fair but his not there now.

I know this is silly but me and bob, not having a boy of our own, we feel like his our own son and love him dearly. oh Liz, our hearts are aching for him and we won’t give up looking for him.

Look after yourself Liz and your family,

Lots of love 

Joan  xxx                                                                                                             


Over the coming two weeks our focus in English will be newspapers and writing a newspaper article - we can't wait to share them with you! 


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