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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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A tour of our new Outdoor Sensory Circuit

In an unused corridor between two buildings, Mrs Bayliss has worked some magic! With a wave of a wand (well, really a paint brush) she has made a sensory circuit. For those of you who don't know what these are, I asked some of the Year 5 children to explain.

Armanpreet says, "a sensory circuit is where you can have fun. At the start of the course you have to go on the track and then you have to crouch on the black and white, whilst walking.


Then you need to do a jump over the lily pads to get to the next one. You put your feet together.

Next, you push against the wall to do a press up. You have to do 5 to get past this stage.

Then you jump over some hurdles.

(This action photo was taken by Armanpreet!)

Finally, you have to smell and feel the flowers.There are three to smell and three to feel. When you have finished, you go around and do it again three times. Then you can go back to class."


Karla says, "Mostly it is fun. There are more things to do outside. Now we get to do Sensory Circuits twice - once inside in the morning and once outside after lunch. If something is happening in the hall, we can now go straight out and do this new sensory circuit. This means that we don't have to skip it. We can do this circuit even if it is damp - we just don't put our fingers down to the floor when we do the frog jump."

Martha says, "My favourite part in Sensory Circuits are the hurdles. I don't know why but I just like them We don't do it the rain, but sometimes when it is cold I bring my scarf so my neck doesn't get cold."

Ben says, "I really like Sensory Circuits because you could a second turn  in one day. My favourite part is when you follow the footsteps: first we have to walk so that our feet touch each footstep. They get wider apart as you go. Then in the second part you tip toe. I really like this part. I just want to say that it is extremely fun to do!"

Mrs Bayliss' magic will continue... she has plans to extend and cover it over so it always dry... watch this space for more.

Have you had a go yet? Ask which children in your class can show you what to do!

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