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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Keeping Busy and Keeping Safe

For another 2 weeks, Year 6 have displayed a range of different skills. Here are a few of those skills…

Jack created both a story and a poem centred around the Weeks 3 and 4 home learning package which focussed on VE Day.


There he stood, in the middle of the mechanical room, with silence floating in the rustic air and pollution. He had made it this far and was determined to proceed, so families could see the sun, that families could sit by the crisp window and enjoy a warm drink, so families could embrace the sweet smelling spring of this world and so that children could sing and church bells would ring, louder than the birds echoing tweets and... for his family.

It was laid upon him, like a fresh blanket, this outdated world would step into the future and BREATH, it was all or nothing! 

He stepped back and exhaled the metallic air, which left a trail of fog in the damp, cold room. The man stepped up to the wooden piano, host to a colony of splinters, and played. He knew one wrong note and he would be snatched from under the raider, being beaten by a ghastly monster. This sent a shiver down his spine, twitching his hands during the process. Moments later, he struck the first key beginning his melody. The man called it his “Last Resort”, for this moment and this moment only. He played the song for twelve minutes, in search for the answer from the rusted cogs above his wondering head. The cogs broke free of the antique rust and slowly rotated. He stopped, wondering if he broke the curse. To end his curiosity, he walked outside and saw a light bursting down on him and children singing, church bells rung and families were together. In the distance a small child (with light blue eyes glistening in the luminous sun and brown thick hair), exclaiming,” you did it, who are you?” The man with a lightened tone answered “I’m...”



Poem by Jack

Jack also created a secret message using Morse Code. See if you can crack the code.

Joseph was busy this week, making different things for VE Day, making desserts and decorating cupcakes. He even had time to practice his skipping skills.

David did an amazing job with looking at the significance of the cross. Here were his answers.

Tomiwa has been very creative! Take a look at her hand art and bug hotel.


  • Miss Baker 1 year ago
    Great to see what you have all been up to!
  • Mrs Denise m Venison 1 year ago
    Hi Yr6, I've been having a read through your home learning and am impressed by all the hard work you have been doing. I absolutely love the hand art Tomiwa, you should think of a career in design, you have a real talent. Joseph your cakes look lovely and was that a candle you were making? So clever. Jack always a busy bee, your poem was so moving, well done. David, the significance of the cross was a great interesting piece of work. Something for all of us to reflect on at this time. Well done to you all, you are amazing students. I really do miss you all and really hope I get to see you before you move on to your new schools. Much love always from Mrs Venison xx😍

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