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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Music...and Mary Seacole

Why do we have Black History Month? We considered this in our classes. We looked at a timeline of important, non-white, people and discussed why they might be less known, and what they achieved against difficult circumstances.

Almost everyone has heard of Florence Nightingale. She broke boundaries as a woman working in nursing. But who has heard of Mary Seacole? We looked at her life and created opinions about how she was treated before, during and after the Crimean War.

In Art, we are looking at how stance, and pose is used to portray famous people. We talked about sculptures we know in  Gravesend, and also ones of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. 

We began planning our own sculpture to represent a celebrity or person we admire. Here are some of our ideas so far:

Harri, Karam, Rueben and Charles are showing different poses all to represent Nelson Mandela.


Holly and Prabhnoor decided they both admire each other, so they are making a sculpture to represent  trust. Ruby and Daisy decided to make a sculpture that depicts friendship and fun.

Chidinma, Collette and Julia decide they would re-make the statue of Pocahontas, showing her more as a strong woman, not a little girl.

Watch this space - who else will we come up with?

Bang! Thwack! Twang! Ting! Clang! Click! Swoosh! How do YOU make music?


We investigated a range of instruments, sorting them into groups according to what sound they make. We explained how sound is always made by vibration. To feel vibration, we felt our lips as we hummed, and our throats as we spoke. In Barn Owls, people described this vibration as "moving but you can't see it" (Millen) "shaking, really fast" (Gabriel) and "like an earthquake" (Joel).

We are going to be making our own instruments - so get your creative thinking caps on, and start collecting bits of junk modelling.

Will you make an instrument that is wind (blowing), string (plucking) or percussion (shaking or banging)?

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