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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Home Learning Weeks 1 and 2

An uplifting picture created by Kyra-Leigh.

The last to weeks we have been emailing lots of work to our teachers.  Mrs Bayliss and Ms Worrell are really impressed with the learning that has been happening, fractions and dividing by ten has seen some excellent work produced.

Week 2 

The weather has been truly miserable this week so our "Every Picture Tells a Story" was really appropriate.  Riley has written an amazing creative story that he has typed up and would like to share with you.

Corona Guy Strikes Again!!!!  

‘I don’t want to go for a walk! ’Shouted the little boy. ‘But you haven’t been out of the house in 34 days,’ said Dad not in a good mood. ‘The weather is blusterous today.’

‘It is just a bit of rain,’ said dad. As the little boy and his dad argued for another 5 minutes the weather was going up and soon it was almost the world’s worst weather. However, because they were not playing attention to the news they walked straight out the door and forgot their keys.

They decided to go for the walk in the terrible weather but as soon as the boy took one-step, he flew into the air. Little did they know they picked up the wrong umbrella and that when dad raised it he flew up to get Fred then they flew away somewhere much safer. ‘My arm is aching,’ groaned Fred. In a few minutes, we will be at our Aunts house. As soon as they arrived at their Aunts house, they knocked on the door and when the door opened, they started explaining everything that has happened and how they got there so quickly. ‘You came at the wrong time.’ Said their Aunt. ‘Earth is under attack by corona-guy. ‘

‘3 years ago Corona-guy was on our road and he knocked on everyone’s door including mine. He told me he would set the coronavirus off in 3 years and tomorrow is the day he is going to do it.’

‘We need to talk to you about this strange umbrella. It saved Fred’s life.’

‘How?’ Asked their Aunt in a strange way. ‘Well, as soon as I raised it, it took me flying up to Fred.’

‘I am glad you brought that up because I left it at your house a couple of months ago. In case I didn’t tell you, it is my fault Earth is under attack because I called corona-guy a beast.’

‘Why would you do that?’ Asked Frank.’ So back to the umbrella,’ said their Aunt. ‘It is stolen property from corona-guy. He calls it the magic umbrella.’ ‘Why does he call it that?’ Asked Fred. ‘Well it takes you places you need to go and it defeats, mainly your enemies.’

‘How are we going to defeat corona-guy with three off us and one umbrella? ‘Asked Mark. ‘I know a duplication spell so we can all have an umbrella,’ said their Aunt. ‘But first we need to gather an army. So Fred, I want you to gather some of your friends, Frank I want you to gather some of your friends and I will gather some of my friends. There is two-hundred people in corona-guys’ army.’

‘That’s a lot of people,’ said Frank. ‘I know,’ said their Aunt. ‘We will go to his hideout tonight at midnight with all of our army.’

Hours passed and there was one hour left until they had to defeat corona-guy and his army. ‘What is that noise ?’ Asked Fred. As their Aunt looked out of the window, corona-guy was spraying houses with coronavirus. ‘Stop it!’ Shouted their Aunt Katie. ‘Why should I?’ Said corona-guy in a very mysterious voice. ‘Because you are mean and you ruin everybody’s lives and nobody likes you except your trusting army.’

‘It doesn’t matter how much you try to persuade me I will just keep doing it.’ Said corona-guy in another strange voice. As the magic umbrella appeared in in Aunt Katie’s hands. She put the umbrella on the floor then got her hands ready to do the duplication spell. ‘That is my umbrella!’ Shouted corona-guy. ’I don’t care.’ Said Aunt Katie in a brave voice. Katie started waving and clapping her hands all over the place then as soon as she finished there was umbrellas all over the place. ‘Everybody pick one up then attack!!!!!’

‘Everybody attack for corona-guy!!!’ Soon everybody was running towards their enemies. ‘Shoot the corona virus!!!’ Shouted corona-guy. ‘Put your umbrellas up for shield!’ Shouted Aunt Katie. ouch! Bang! Wallop!

The fight went on for another 5 minutes. When it was over there was only corona-guy and the other army left and then he promised not to do that again.



There has also been lots of other learning and work happening.  Lily would like to share her review of the book snowball.  After you have read her review I'm sure you are going to be hunting out this series of work.

Well done everyone for all your hard work.  Mrs Bayliss and Ms Worrell look forward to seeing what you produce in Weeks 3 and 4. Email your photos and learning to

Come back next week to see what everyone has been doing. 

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