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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future


This term our science topic is 'Rocks.' We are very excited as this involves lots of investigating activities, like real scientists. Also, we have a Rock workshop booked for later on in the term to look forward to.

This week, we started the topic by discussing what we already knew about rocks - what were they, where have we seen them, any names of rocks we knew etc. We also played a true or false game to check our current knowledge, and learnt that rocks can be all different shapes, sizes and weights. Additionally, we found out that rocks are made up of more than one mineral - some even contain crystals! Many of us were very shocked to discover that we actually eat rocks too!

Can I give you an example of a food that rocks are found in? 

During the lesson, we investigated the properties of different rocks.

Can we name some of the rocks we tested?  

We explored their appearance, hardness, permeability, fizziness and floatability. Permeability was a new word to many of us - can we explain what it means to you? 

We used sandpaper to test how hard a rock was.

We squeezed drops of water out of a pipette to see if the water soaked into the rock or just sat on top.

Also using a pipette, we squeezed vinegar onto the rocks to see if they made a fizz sound and bubbled slightly. We had to listen and look very carefully for this part! This told us whether they contained chalk (calcium carbonate).

We put our rocks in water to see if they floated or sank.

As we tested each rock and their properties, we filled in a table to keep track of our results. This meant at the end of the lesson we could compare the rocks and consider their suitability for different uses e.g. Why is slate used for roofs?

We thoroughly enjoyed our investigation and are looking forward to finding out more about rocks throughout the term.

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