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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Fractions, stories and virtual adventures.

This week Year 2 have picked up their pencils, put their thinking caps on and have been working super hard on their home learning activities. We have really enjoyed sharing all of our stories, maths learning and virtual adventures with our teachers.

In our maths learning this week we have been working hard to find and recognise fractions.

Leja has become a detective and successfully found a quarter of each of the shapes.











Olivia has used her reasoning skills to think about and solve word problems.












We have been on a fraction hunt around our houses to see what objects and shapes we could split into a half, a quarter or a third. Miss Hamilton even went on a fraction hunt around her house!

What fraction of the pizza has been eaten?
Miss Hamilton has baked 9 brownies. Can you find a third of the brownies?












We were all impressed to hear that Jasneet, Muhammad, Kareena and George have been challenging themselves to learn and practice their 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 times tables. Well done!

In English we have been using a picture to explore vocabulary and inspire our story writing.

Amy has become an author and has written and illustrated her very own story.

























What happened in your story?

Poppy has drawn some beautiful illustrations to bring her story to life. 







Sharan has written all about her dreams for the future.


















Jasneet has even written a book review to recommend the book she has been reading to her friends.  

“Mr Bump was going on holiday but he missed the bus. He asked a friend to pick him up but a coconut fell on his head. I would recommend Mr Bump to my friends.  My favourite part was when the coconut fell on Mr Bumps head.”

What books have you read during your home learning? Would you recommend them to your friends? Why?

In topic we have been going on virtual adventures to explore lots of different, exciting and interesting places.

Muhammad took a virtual trip to the zoo. He has written what the animals got up to during his visit.  
George has visited a fort and has written all about what he saw and found out during his trip. 














Where have you visited? What did you find out?

Lets celebrate!

Well done to Abby from Kingfishers who has worked really hard to complete 1000 English questions on IXL during her home learning. Keep up the fantastic work.









We are really looking forward to sharing with you what exciting learning adventures we go on next week! Email your photos or work to


  • Kim 1 year ago
    Well done to everyone amazing work ! And a big thank you ! George loved seeing himself 😃.

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