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Where does Easter fit into the big story of the Bible?

This week in RE Kingfishers and Nightingales and have been answering the question “Where does Easter fit into the big story of the Bible?” To begin our lesson, we were tasked with discussing what a Hot Cross Bun, Easter egg and cross symbolises and why each of these symbols are important to Christians at Easter. We discovered that each of these symbols reminds Christians of different elements of the Easter story.

What do you think a Hot cross bun represents?

“ In my opinion I believe that an Easter egg is important to Christians as it represents the tomb that Jesus was laid in after he died. It is also important as it is a symbol of new life” Zion.

"If you ask me I think that a the cross symbolises forgiveness as Jesus forgave our sins when he died on the cross” Sharan.

“I think that a hot cross bun reminds us of the cross that Jesus died on”. Ryan.

Next, we used our understanding of these symbols to think about what picture we would draw to represent Easter. We thought really hard about what we might want to include in our picture and how it would symbolise Easter to Christians.

“On my picture I would include the cross because Jesus died on the cross at Easter. I think the cross is really important to Christians” Abby.

“I would draw the cave the Jesus was put in after he died because Jesus rose again from the cave in the story.” Henry

What picture would you draw to represent Easter?

After that we began to explore the bible using lots of different pictures. At first, we couldn’t believe how each picture could represent such a huge part of the bible! We became detectives to match each picture to its bible stories. It was very tricky but we preserved until we had worked it out.

Can you guess what bible story this picture represents?

“I think this picture might show us the creation story because I can see Adam and Eve and the apple that they ate in the garden”. Makael.







“I can see lots of Jesus’ miracles in this picture. I can see Noah’s ark, Moses on the water and the last supper” Zion.













“I think this picture shows heaven because the cross reminds Christians that God loves us and will forgive our sins” Olivia.




After discussing each picture, we put them in order to help us to remember how Easter fits into the whole story and why it is so important to Christians.


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