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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

No pens day!

This week in year 2 has been very exciting! On Tuesday we took part in No Pens day (can you believe it, no pens for the whole day!)

In English this week we have been learning how to write outstanding sentences using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. On Monday we wrote our own stories to describe the life of an Ogre who lived in a dark, gloomy forest. We were so proud of our stories we decided to share them with our friends on No Pens day. On Tuesday we put on our cloaks and became storytellers. We took it in turns to read out our stories whilst our friends became actors and brought them to life right in front of our very eyes.

"Once upon a time there lived an Ogre who had a scrubby, brown coat. He had spiky green skin and googly eyes."

What did you like about your friends stories and why?

In Maths we received an important message from a secret agent who needed our help. He explained that there is a new agent in town who is amazing at maths and he needed our help to solve his missions. In our teams we worked together to complete 6 tasks, these included partitioning numbers into their tens and ones, sequencing 2-digit numbers and working out which number was greater and less than. We thoroughly enjoyed completing our missions and were surprised to find out that we had become official spies (Shhhhh it's a secret).

'There are 5 tens and 3 ones in 52.'

Which mission did you enjoy the most?

This afternoon we learnt all about habitats and how they help animals and plants to survive. We used our fantastic cutting and sticking skills to place the animals into their habitats and write a sentence to describe why this habit will meet their needs.

Can you remember what animals and plants live in the desert?

We had so much fun on no pens day and cant wait to see what the next one has in store.

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