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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

We're here!

After a long and exciting journey, we arrived at Little Canada to be greeted by Tammy, our “Groupie”.











SOME of us had a very good sleep, while OTHERS (who were awake at 4am) have found today rather tiring.

After fuelling our bodies with a hearty breakfast of cereals, sausages and scrambled eggs, we split into four groups to partake in our Saturday activities of: Vertical Challenge, Giant Swing, Orienteering and Challenge Course.

Our excitement of the upcoming Giant Swing was palpable as we were beginning to be strapped in for our descent.











Many of us conjured up the courage to attempt the challenging feat of dropping from such a dizzying height. We cheered and laughed as everyone had a go.





















When it came for the Challenge Course and we soon found out that our physical ability would be tested during many different obstacles.


















We climbed, balanced, scrambled and preserved through several different events.











The Vertical Challenge was next and it stood tall and daunting as we approached the large structure. We harnessed up and began our ascent towards the top of the challenge course.














As we made our way up, we cheered and encouraged each other on till we made it to the top. Even the teachers participated and even made it to the top.































Equipped with a map and a general sense of direction, we sent off into smaller groups to find tags littered throughout Little Canada. One group in particular (Oliver, Gabe, Jason and Alex) achieved a PGL record by finding all of the tags within the session time (30 tags in 57 minutes).










Towards the end of our final sessions, many of us were beginning to flag, luckily for us it was almost time for our main meal. The staff here at PGL don’t allow us to go hungry. There was an array of food that helped fuel our bodies ready for our evening activity of “Ambush”.

After all of our fresh air and physical activities, we are looking forward to a full night’s sleep ready for tomorrow.

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  • The school’s Christian values of love, honesty and respect are well expressed through its caring atmosphere. This impacts positively on the strong sense of belonging and supporting relationships evident across the school.

    SIAMs 2016

  • Teachers inspire pupils to learn.

    Ofsted 2018

  • Teachers model skills effectively across the curriculum and instil a desire to succeed.

    Ofsted 2018

  • There us a culture of aspiration and improvement across the school.

    Ofsted 2018

  • Relationships are strong and pupils’ good behaviour is reflected in a happy and caring atmosphere, with attendance that is well above the national average.

    SIAMs 2016

  • Provision for pupils who speak English as an additional language is strong.

    Ofsted 2018