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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

It's all about the teamwork!

We awoke (well some of us had to be woken) to the smell of pancakes wafting over from the dining room. Refreshed after a full nights sleep we felt energised for another full on day of physical activity that required lots of co-operation and teamwork. 

After breakfast we split into two groups for the first part of the morning. Our activities were swimming (it was lovely going into a steaming hot pool) and a walk along the Upnor shore. Mrs Bayliss pointed out local landmarks, taught us the purpose of buoys and showed us some local memorials. It was beautiful to stand in the sun looking out at the estuary.

'Our first activity was a walk along the shore, it was beautiful.' - Ayo

Before long we were back together for team games in the gym. Our games consisted of an agility course and a variety of games with the parachute - which we loved (although we aren't so sure Miss Oshikoya enjoyed being trapped underneath!)


Lunch consisted of a fluffy jacket potato, cheese, beans and an array of salad (Mr Dockrell was ecstatic that there was Waldorf salad!) Mrs Bayliss is pleased to see so many children choosing to help themselves to fruit of their own accord. So much so that the staff have had to order more fresh fruit in!

Fuelled from lunch, we set off to our afternoon sessions of rock climbing and archery. We all spent time in the boulder room where we played 'The Floor is Lava' before heading into archery. Mrs Bayliss took great delight in informing Mr Dockrell of her score at the cross-over.


"My favourite thing was rock climbing because I went to the top!"  Eloise

"Lastly we did rock climbing at one point I wanted to stop but I overcame the fear and went even further!"  George

For many of us we had some fantastic personal achievements during archery where we improved our skills greatly!

"Finally, I did archery.  You may think I'm good with a bow and arrow in Minecraft - but sadly not in real life" - Thomas



Wednesday can mean only one thing here at Arethusa - roast night! Our pork dinner was delicious and was accompanied by a gigantic slice of melon. (We even ate the other schools left overs!)  It was lovely to have Mrs Watts come and join us for our evening meal and provide our marshmallows for our campfire in which Miss Turner also joined us.

After wrapping up in our warmest clothes we headed outside to the campfire where Mr Dockrell and Mrs Bayliss led us in some rather interesting songs before we toasted our marshmallows. Sadly Mrs Watts and Miss Oshikoya dropped theirs into the flames - luckily we had some spare.

Our stillness around the flickering flames at the end indicated to staff that we were ready for a nice warm (for some of us) shower and a swift lights out.

Goodnight - we are all peacefully snoring.

  • Iyin Olatunde 3 years ago
    I enjoyed the archery a lot
  • Julie Haywood 3 years ago
    Such a wonderful experience for them all...thanks to all the staff for looking after them. Really looking forward to having Adam home tomorrow though x x
  • Katie O'Mara 3 years ago
    What a fun packed day! Definitely a big thank you to staff for making this happen. X
  • Amelia Haywood 3 years ago
    The fire looks so warm and cosy .
  • Georgina Bover 3 years ago
    It was so awesome but I missed my parents.

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  • The school’s Christian values of love, honesty and respect are well expressed through its caring atmosphere. This impacts positively on the strong sense of belonging and supporting relationships evident across the school.

    SIAMs 2016

  • Teachers inspire pupils to learn.

    Ofsted 2018

  • Teachers model skills effectively across the curriculum and instil a desire to succeed.

    Ofsted 2018

  • There us a culture of aspiration and improvement across the school.

    Ofsted 2018

  • Relationships are strong and pupils’ good behaviour is reflected in a happy and caring atmosphere, with attendance that is well above the national average.

    SIAMs 2016

  • Provision for pupils who speak English as an additional language is strong.

    Ofsted 2018