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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Challenge yourself


Good morning (although for some it may have felt like the middle of the day!)

Before breakfast we were tasked with the challenge of making our rooms inspection ready. The girls were extremely successful with this, which resulted in all of the rooms receiving maximum points along with a mascot. It was pleasing to find out that one of the boys rooms also gained full marks (well done to Mountbatten).

Our day started with a hearty breakfast of cereal, bacon, spaghetti hoops and toast  - perfect to start the physically challenging day ahead.

We were split into four teams and throughout the course of the day we would all participate in String Trail, Jacob’s Ladder, Shelter Building and Fire Lighting which would all entail a great level of teamwork, perseverance and communication.


I climbed up the Jacob’s Ladder, which is a giant climbing frame, it was super scary but I made it to the top!’ – Holly


‘After that we did fire lighting. Mr Dockrell is really good at it and I started lots of fires with my flint and steel’ – Iyin

We had a very relaxing evening after our meal of spaghetti and meatballs. Our eagerly anticipated film night with hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows had arrived. We voted to watch ‘The Greatest Showman’ which we knew would result in some singing along with great gusto. The staff were heard singing ‘This is me’ very loudly!

Looking around the room at the number of yawns the teachers were anticipating (silently cheering inside) that lights out would be a swift procedure this evening – we didn't disappoint as the dorm was silent by 9.45pm.


We look forward to a fun packed day tomorrow after our well rested sleep. ZZzzzzz

  • Lucas Finch 2 years ago
    Climbing the Jacob ladder looks really scary but fun. I would have a go if I had the opportunity !
  • Iyin Olatunde 2 years ago
    I really enjoyed myself at Arethusa and I especially enjoyed Jacob's ladder
  • Kelly Goodayle 2 years ago
    Sounds like everyone is having a great time. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for no more early wake up calls!! Have fun!
  • Julie Haywood 2 years ago
    Sounds like a perfect end to a busy day Hot chocolate and film.. hope no more 4am wake up calls for the teachers !
  • Catherine Belbin 2 years ago
    Ahh I know 4am well!!! Sounds like everyone is having fun ❤️ Thanks for sharing their experiences, it's hard being apart but knowing that they are having a great time makes it worth it!! Katie
  • Julie Thrush 2 years ago
    Wow, what a brilliant first day! Lovely to hear that you’re all having an amazing time. We miss you Thomas!! Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone! Xx
  • Anna Walters 2 years ago
    Sounds like you are having so much fun and I’m sure Stanley was singing along to the Greatest Showman, it’s his favourite. Enjoy the rest of your week, sending big hugs from home x
  • Katie O'Mara 2 years ago
    I want to know which boys are in Mountbatten! Sounds fabulous and actually made me well up ☺️
  • Steph DaCosta 2 years ago
    Thank you for the update, so lovely to hear what they are doing!
  • Shouphyna 2 years ago
    Great to hear the children are having a great time. Hope they continue to enjoy the rest of week!!
  • Julie Bover 2 years ago
    Nice to hear what fun you are all having! Can't wait to hear all the stories when Georgina gets home.
  • Donna Meadley 2 years ago
    Thank you all so much for the updates. I have everything crossed that Riley was in the tidy bedroom !! x
  • Amy Brown 2 years ago
    Sounds like you are having an amazing time! Looking forward to hearing all about it on Friday. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.
  • Rita Shaw 2 years ago
    Thank you to all the staff. Sounds like a brilliant week.
  • Amelia Haywood 2 years ago
    OMG that looks so hard and scary .
  • Louise collins 2 years ago
    Wow! Well done to everyone who climbed the Jacob's ladder I was scared just looking at it!
  • Emilia Kedzierska 2 years ago
    IT was do fun making a fire ! We even made a camp fire and roasted marshmellows!!!!!
  • Daniel Awani 2 years ago
    My favourite thing was smimming because I don't smim with my friend that much
  • PAUL ADEKOYA 2 years ago
    It was a very busy week for for all the lucky people who went to the Arethusa

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