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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Year 5 Fly the Eye!

To bring our novel 'The London Eye Mystery' to life, year 5 went up to London Charing Cross by train. We then walked across the pedestrian bridge, just as the main characters in our book did. Ted, an autistic boy, and his sister, Kat, took their cousin Salim to visit the London Eye.


As we approached, it seemed to get taller and taller!



and once we were on board - the people beneath us looked as tiny as ants!


We had a 'host' on board who showed us famous landmarks. We saw Buckingham Palace, Google HQ, the Shard and even Wembley - on a clear day you can see up to 25km away!


We discussed our different theories of how Salim could have disappeared - there were so many people and a lot of tourists from all over the world.


Some of us were a bit nervous of the heights - luckily it moved very slowly, and there was a bench in the middle. When we were at the highest point it felt a lot more than 135m tall! It was fun to be on top of the world - and a little stomach-churning if you looked down.....

What was YOUR favourite part of our trip?

  • Nancy Harrison 2 years ago
    This was an amazing experience since i have never been on the London Eye before. I enjoyed this trip and I can'twait for year 6.
  • Charlie Fellows 2 years ago
    Well, my favourite part of the trip was when we where at the very top so we could see so many of my favourite London landmarks. Some of the landmarks include the Wembley arch ( i knew what it was immediately because I had seen it up close almost a month ago), St Paul's Cathederal, the walky talky and many more. It was really fun and I recommend going if you haven't been on it before.
  • Amelia Haywood 2 years ago
    I loved everything about our trip. But my favourite part was going on the London Eye, it was an amazing experience.
  • Joseph Woodward 2 years ago
    It was a fun time going to the London Eye, it was excellent. Thank you teachers (year 5)
  • Iyin Olatunde 2 years ago
    My favourite part was the 4d experience because it felt like everything was real life. Also when we went on the actual London Eye we could even see the furthest parts of London like Wembley stadium. All I heard when we got off was I want to go again. Thank you year 5 teachers.

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