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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Trips, trips glorious trips

What a busy last few weeks of term 3 for year 5!

We have enjoyed a few learning experiences that have taken place outside of school. Firstly our visit to Wildwood. It made us think about conservation work and the role of zoos in preparation for our debate at the end of the week. We learnt about the animals that used to live in England along with how bees mix up the pollen between flowers.

Did you know that Otters have successfully been re-introduced to Kent?

What else did you learn about the animals or the work that Wildwood does?


To prepare for our debate we chose whether we were for or against the banning of zoos. Following on from our successful debate with some fantastic speeches and questions from the audience , year 5 voted against zoos. 

The following day we went on an 'International Links' walk around Gravesend as part of our Going Global topic with local historian Christoph Bull.

First we went to Woodville halls to meet Christophe Bull who talked to us about twin towns. The twin towns were in 4 countries: Germany, France, Virginia (USA) and India. The town in Germany is called Neümunster. Also Christophe told us that there is also a Gravesend in America. In 2015 there was a big Vasaiki  celebration. We walked past lots of streets which where very old including some streets (and an alleyway) where poor people lived. - Arjun

What can you remember from the information given from our knowledgable guide?

  • Samuel Jackson 2 years ago
    These trips were the best! Wildwood was my favourite! I loved seeing the animals,the animal I liked seeing was the wolves.I also liked the walk around Gravesend, Christoff taught us really interesting things!
  • SJ and nancy 2 years ago
    we loved the trips, especially wildwood

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