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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Is it that time already? As the term time ticks down to the final few weeks, the summer events start to commence. This week was our sports day and we got to participate in our house teams in a range of different events. After the fantastic, sweaty and competitive morning, Mrs Ganja very kindly brought all of Year 1 and 2 a ice lolly. We were all very thankful. 


Once we had a rest, both classes had the opportunity to write a shared diary of the day. 

Below is an example of one of the diaries that were written:

Dear Diary,

It was a scorching day at school. It was officially Sports Day and we lined up in a straight line to walk down to the bottom playground. With proudness in our hearts, we sat down in our house teams. Our first activity was the unpredictable Speed Stacks. Mrs Ganja told us what to do and Miss Coulam demonstrated. You had to stack three coloured cups into a pyramid.  After we stacked the cups in the pyramid, the next person in the line had to put them back into a pile and so on. At the end, everybody cheered!

Next up was dribbling a football. This was the one we were most enthusiastic and excited about. It was very straightforward because all we had to do was dribble the ball in and out of the cones. Some of us were very embarrassed when we kicked the ball to the other team as it wasted our teams  time.

After football dribbling, we balanced the ball on the bat. When it was my turn, I cheated because I placed the ball in the hole between the handle and the racket. I did this, as I knew it would not fall off. I decided not to cheat as I wanted my team to play fairly and that it is not all about winning. Therefore, I put the ball (in front of everyone including my dad) on the bat.

Then was Beanbag throwing, which was our fourth activity. Each person had four beanbags and three hoops in front of them. I had to throw all the beanbags into the hoops. The first hoop was worth 1 point, the second was worth two points and the third was worth three points. I was a genius because if you threw all the beanbags into the first hoop you guaranteed yourself four easy points. Only about three people got the beanbags in the last hoop.

Our next event was the skipping race. The aim of the race was to skip to the cone and back to your group. As far as I am concerned, some of the teams were just running with the skipping ropes and I consider this cheating. When I was skipping, I felt embarrassed because I fell over in front of the parents.   

When it was our turn for the colour run Joe demonstrated how to complete the race, twice!  We just didn't get it. In the colour run, we had to touch the first cone and run back then, the second cone and back and the same with the third. I liked this event because it was simple and easy afer Joe's many demonstrations. 

Lastly, it was time for the main events. We competed in a number of races including the boys/girls flat race, egg and spoon, obstacle race and the relay. When we were not racing, we rested in our groups and cheered on everyone. The races everyone came for were the toddler and parent races. We felt extremely impressed and proud of our parents and the toddlers for taking part. What a wonderful day and lets start the countdown to our first KS2 Sports Day next year!



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