Adapting to our environment

This term, Year 06 have been learning about the importance of adaptation in the real world.

In order to develop our knowledge of the topic, we learnt about topic specific vocabulary including:

Species: a related group that can integrate together

Habitat: living environment

Adaptation: changes to improve living

Environment: conditions of the habitat

Camouflage: to blend in with the surroundings


To further enhance our knowledge of adaptation, we looked at two species of fox, namely an Arctic fox and a Desert fox.

Did you know that in winter, an Arctic fox develops a snow-white coat to blend in when they catch its prey? The fur is thicker and warmer to helping the frozen conditions.

In contrast, did you know a Desert fox has large ears to help it lose heat more quickly and its fur is thinner than that of an Arctic fox.

To apply our knowledge and understanding of adaptation we designed our very own butterflies and placed them around the school. Some of our adaptations were so good, and so well camouflaged they couldn't be found!

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